Towards The Pantheon Devlog #8: Livestreams, Music, NPCs, and Pixel Art

It’s time for Towards The Pantheon’s 8th devlog! You can find previous ones at

I missed posting a devlog last week as I was working on the game itself and didn’t want to be taken away from that. Over the last two weeks, we’ve gotten a lot done! I livestreamed some work on music and just recently Leandro and I livestreamed pixel art and programming work. We had it set up so that you could see both our screens as well as both our webcams, and I worked on adding features (and fixing bugs) to the battle system while he worked on NPC portrait art. Be sure to follow my Twitch channel so that you can jump in and hang out next time we go live! Here is some pixel artwork Leandro did of a Terrorforce soldier:


Here’s a first look at some artwork for some forest region NPCs:


I’ve worked on a few new soundtrack demos that aren’t quite at the level where I’m comfortable adding them to the current Soundcloud playlist. For this devlog however, I’ve uploaded them to so you can check them out (and hopefully send me some feedback!) The first is an ambient track that has some instruments playing a 4/4 loop while others play a combination of 6/4 and 4/4 loops. The second is a potential boss battle theme. It currently does not have any melodies or chord progressions as my focus was on rhythm, bass, and ambience. Aside from the classic Sega Genesis drum sample, the drums sound a bit too modern and will likely be replaced when I return to work on the track.

I’ve also released some wallpapers for desktops and smartphones to the game’s main webpage! Some are of single characters and others are of all the characters together, so you can choose what you like best. Pixel art wallpapers will come in the future as well.


I’ve also worked on various programming tasks, such as Phenez’ invisibility mechanic, more battle system mechanics (enemy attacks & AI, entering/exiting battles, ability to cast healing spells, etc), and more. I’ve also changed the dialog system so that I can add descriptions in between characters talking (ie. *Freyja pats Bam’s head.*) in case I want to use that. I’m currently working on fixing some NPC pathing, the inventory system, and adding emotes during dialog (similar to Golden Sun) should I decide to use them.

Our first teaser video for the game has just passed 1K views after two weeks. Thank you to everyone who has checked it out and supported the project, we really appreciate it! Please keep spreading the word about the game!

I’ll cut this devlog short so I can get back to programming! I’m looking forward to finishing up gameplay mechanics so that my focus can shift on building levels and the’ actual game itself’ that will end up in your hands. Seeing the project slowly but surely come together is very exciting, since I’m not making any compromises and it’s going to be exactly the game I want to make.

That’s it for this week’s update! If you like what you are seeing and hearing, please follow the project on social media and help spread the word!

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