Lots of updates!

Tons of updates to go over!

First off, I never realized I’ve made over 200 songs in the last 10 years, not even including all my unreleased stuff! You can find almost all of it over on the music page (some of the much older stuff does not have stream or download links). It’s all free so be sure to check it out!

This week I released the first episode of my podcast The Connorcast, where I interview people who’s work I really like or talk with friends about various topics. I interviewed Michael “Garoad” Kelly who is an amazing indie game soundtrack composer. He has worked on VA-11 HALL-A and is working on Dream Chaser and Corpses N Souls. Here’s the youtube stream, and a download link is on the The Connorcast page.

I’ve also put up the music for Skeletal Dance Simulator, a game developed by the great Jesper Tingvall!

And I’ve put up another Arbitrator track that features a lot of my synth work!

There’s LOTS of new demos on my soundcloud page:
2nd Horror Game Soundtrack Demos
Spacecraft Soundtrack Demos
And my and some other great musicians demos for the game Hypertension is up on their soundcloud page!
Hypertension Soundtrack Demos
My tracks include: The Harmony of Darkness, Lost Memories, Teichoscopic, Climbing Underground, Betagende, Third On The List, Child’s Prey, Behind The Mirror, dmr, and K3_3.

I am also currently working on my second horror game; I am restarting what I’ve worked on so far as I wasn’t happy with the progress. I am still using the demos in the above soundcloud playlist though.

Jesper Tingvall has also made a new Kinnect game called Human Meatshield for the 24 hour Dreamhackathoncollab gamedev challenge. Check it out here! I made two original tracks for the soundtrack and will post them soon.

This has been my most productive year so far and it isn’t even halfway over! Lots more to work on, more updates will come soon!