Towards The Pantheon Devlog #2: Laying The Foundation!

It’s time for Towards The Pantheon‘s 2nd devlog! You can read the first devlog “Getting Started!” here.

New area reveal; a dystopian cyberpunk city!

For the past two weeks, a lot of basic scripting for the game has taken place. Essentially I have been copying over and refactoring scripts from my previous games Overlooker and Overlooker 2 that are the foundation for the overworld mechanics. This includes things such as textboxes that pop up when you examine things such as signposts and bookshelves, an options menu that lets you exit the game, the ability to switch between the four main characters, basic movement, collision, and more.

Each character has unique overworld mechanics

I did encounter one of the most bizarre bugs I have ever seen. For the textbox I was using GML’s draw_rectangle() function to draw a semi-transparent black box over half the screen so that the text on top would stand out more. When I tested it, objects such as trees in the overworld would disappear while cycling through the textbox, and then reappear when finished. I changed the depth of the textbox object and saw that for some reason GameMaker was taking the tree sprite and drawing stretched versions of it over the map. I have absolutely no idea why it would do that instead of drawing a rectangle, and it’s even more bizarre considering that it was the same code I had used for textboxes in Overlooker 2. I could not find anyone who had a similar bug when searching Google, so I replaced the draw_rectangle() call with drawing a sprite as the textboxes will most likely have their own artwork instead of being simple rectangles anyways. Problem avoided, but still bizarre! That is the first bug I’ve had in GameMaker that was completely baffling.

Edit 7/25/2016: Reinstalled GameMaker Studio and the bugs I had been encountering have disappeared.

pic6Bam is decorating his house with snowcats

I have been working on sound design for the game’s soundtrack, but have not posted any new soundtrack demos since the last batch. I am still having some trouble deciding on how the music should sound, but I think with the basic gameplay mechanics being implemented and artwork being put into the engine it will be easier to figure that out while playing the game.

synthsSetting up the Korg Karma (and JV2080X) for sound design experiments!

Our artist Leandro has been doing great work, and we’ve revealed two new areas that he has worked on; the wasteland (below) and cyberpunk city (above). He has been working on tiles for other areas and sprites for the main characters, and more artwork and areas will be revealed over time so be sure to follow the Towards The Pantheon social media accounts below to keep up to date!

Testing out depth, walking, running, and recording gifs for social media

I am very happy with the progress so far considering I work a full time job, work with 2 other game development teams, and have other obligations. I will begin working full time on the game in less than 2 months, and I think I’ll have a large majority of the game’s mechanics implemented so I can focus on level creation, balancing, and playtesting. My friend Kyle Mountifield has helped me finish up enemy and boss designs, and he will be a big help in content creation and playtesting! I’m also fortunate to have some other great friends who will be helping out with playtesting throughout development.

Phenez and Mishima in the new wasteland area

That’s it for this devlog, the next devlog will be posted roughly 2 weeks from now!

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Towards The Pantheon Devlog #1: Getting Started!

Time for the first devlog of Towards The Pantheon, the new game I’m working on!

pic4Freyja and Bam at the park

During my last semester of university I started brainstorming what I should work on as my first commercial game. Eventually I came up with all the main ideas for Towards The Pantheon such as party members, plot, and game design, and I have been saving enough money from my full time job to be able to work on the game full time after the summer. I’m excited to say that things are coming along great!

Aside from a few concepts I need to finalize such as how exactly the leveling up system will work, the rest of the game design is finished. Leandro of Tok Arts has been working on artwork for the game, I’ve been working on the soundtrack and programming, and my friend Kyle has helped with some area and monster designs.

You can stream some of the first soundtrack demos above on my Soundcloud page that my  friend Nic has helped run with me. I’m still trying to figure out the style of the soundtrack; which synths and samples to use, how much modern synth and old school chiptune influences there should be, and some stylistic things. You can hear that in the current six tracks; Broderskap (Norwegian for “Brotherhood”) is more orchestral, Battle In The Sewers has a heavier bass line, A Barren Wasteland, Six Six Five, and Lost In A Blizzard show the dark ambient and drone influences that will appear in the ice area and survival horror influenced area, and Sleep Tight is an attempt at a quick jingle that will play when you go to sleep.

What I would like as the end result of the soundtrack is to have different musical styles for each main area of the game tied together by some similar melodies and chord progressions. I think that would make each area feel unique, while having the soundtrack overall feel conceptual. I am excited to see how my progress with the soundtrack goes over the next year!

pic5Who needs snowmen when you have snowcats?

Leandro has been working on sprites for the four main characters as well as the first tiles for each of the main areas of the game. I’ve been very happy with the artwork so far, and can’t wait to see his next batches of work!

Myself and Kyle (who just logged into Tree Of Savior as I write this) have finished up the Monster designs, and we only have a few boss designs to finish.

picThe forest area will be the first in the game as it is the most traditional RPG area

On the programming side of things, I’ve decided to split the work into two areas; overworld mechanics and battle mechanics. Fortunately a lot of the basic overworld mechanics from my previous demos Overlooker and Overlooker 2 can be carried over and soon I will continue working on the new mechanics. Once the overworld mechanics are completed, I will switch over and work on the battle mechanics which will be more challenging. The battle system will be somewhat similar to Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door where the stats are simplified compared to games such as Final Fantasy but still challenging.

A2One of the main characters Bam the cat is based on my real cat

This devlog is a bit simpler than what I will focus on in future devlogs. For the past week or so I’ve been focusing on getting social media accounts up and running for the game, finalizing game design decisions, starting work with Leandro, and starting the first bit of soundtrack and programming work. Future devlogs will be much more in depth regarding the various challenges that I will face while developing this game. I love seeing the behind the scenes processes of my favorite media, so I’m going to try and update roughly every second week with a new devlog in case others can get a similar enjoyment from them. After all, my goal in music and game development is to try and make something that has the same kind of effect my favorite music and games had on me!

Can’t wait to see how the ice area will look after programming snow and fog effects!

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Towards The Pantheon

For the next year I will be working full time on my first full commercial game Towards The Pantheon!
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